Scarlet ~ Ophelia

Katie, but only on special occasions.

I feel so fucking frustrated about uni it actually makes me want to cry, I’ve been here for 3 years and I don’t think any of us have actually learned any skills at all. There are things I am so passionate about and I’m already so close to achieving my dream and becoming self-employed through my blog and yet hanging over me all the time like an omen is this harrowing truth of having to go to this stupid fucking place and do soul-eroding assignments that mean nothing and are essetially worthless. And what makes it worse is I have ANOTHER year of this fucking hell before I can finally get that piece of shit piece of paper which doesnt guarantee anyone anything at all anyway.

The only slight flicker of passion of which I regard uni right now is with nothing but hatred.



Kert Gartner

'Guozhuang Garden', 2012.

'Hangzhou Pathway', 2012.

'Hangzhou West Lake Garden', 2012.

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